Sheepish produces a two page bi-monthly newsletter and distributes them as pdf files.
September 2006  Mayan Healing Bath and Japanese Teas
November 2006  Anne’s Vietnam Trip and Ed Tick
January 2007  Chinese New Year and Three Kings Day in Puerto Rico
March 2007  Posi-Ouinge and El Santuario de Chimayo
May 2007  Dalai Lama in Madison and the First Chicago Green Festival
July 2007   Josie RavenWing, John of God, and the gardens of British Columbia
September 2007  Ragani and kirtan
November 2007   Holy Basil, Frankincense & Myrrh, and John Muir quote
January 2008  Sheepish article in Explore and Annette returns from India
April 2008  Earth Day and climate change
June 2008  Guide Dogs of Texas and Rebecca Moravec
August 2008  Jim Brandenburg and Pipestone
October 2008 Mongolia and Cairns
January 2009  Spices and the Bountiful Earth
April 2009  Jeanne Ray photos and caretakers
September 2009  Spirit Dancers and singing to stones
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